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LinXole AB

provides innovative materials for sustainable technologies, including perovskite-based solar cells, organic solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), photodetectors, and so on.

Customs Benefit

  • Better stability
  • Very high PCE
  • Free post-oxidization process, saving production time and money
  • Good quality control and customer support

Our Flagship Products

LX-MG inks with tunable work function levels are our main products. By using LX-MG inks, we have achieved high power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) over 25% (certificated) perovskite-based solar cells and much-improved device stability under harsh conditions, around 10 times increase in moisture stability​ compared to traditional materials and representing the highest efficiency with the best stability up to now. @ Science DOI: 10.1126/science.abo2757

Our Solution

One critical reason for the stability issue with these emerging photovoltaic technologies comes from a key component in the solar cells, i.e. the charge transport layers (the layers that help to extract charge carriers out of the solar cells). Our company has solved this challenge by developing and patenting a new generation of charge-transport layers, which help to significantly enhance the solar cell stability by one order of magnitude without scarifying the device efficiency and hence bring these emerging photovoltaic technologies much closer to commercialization.